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Helton Skin & Laser Institute introduces the most advanced, cutting-edge laser application since laser became a household word. The current buzz phrase in plastic surgery and dermatology is “non-ablative laser resurfacing.” But when described by patients, it is often called the “miracle treatment for aging.” Using the latest technology, Helton Skin & Laser Institute has adopted a laser that will perform the “miracle” procedure, known as the Regenlite, eliminating the downtime, pain, and redness usually associated with laser surgery.

In the past, when a patient underwent a laser resurfacing procedure, we used to have to destroy the top layers of the skin, allowing new skin to form. But now, we have reassessed how lasers work in conjunction with the skin, and developed a new treatment that can achieve similar results without causing damage.

A chef who creates gourmet meals knows that sometimes it is better to simmer than boil; the same now applies to laser treatments to the skin, allowing us to use lower laser energies. The procedure is done with three to five treatments over a one to three month period. The majority of patients recognize results immediately. Each treatment increases your collagen production by 300%.

We have developed laser systems that rarely, if ever, have undesirable side effects or long recovery times. Lasers use light of different colors to penetrate the skin to accomplish results; by using Laser light, we can cause blue vessels underneath the skin to become excited and stimulate fibroblasts, which are the cells responsible for producing collagen. We can now achieve facial laser skin renovation without breaking the skin. The side effects are actually positive. The advantages include more youthful looking skin, the elimination of age spots, red veins on the face and greatly reduced appearance of rosacea and acne.

The laser was originally designed to eliminate blood vessels and make skin tone more even. In it’s second generation, it still treats the conditions while causing wrinkle reduction. During the Regenlite procedures, patients see a rapid improvement in the skin discolorations, a healthier appearing complexion, and a reduction of wrinkles over a three-month period.

Once the tissue is stimulated, it takes time for the body to actually produce a new collagen. In fact, the laser beam will increase the skins production of collagen by 83-198% for 2 weeks. Successive treatments over a 3-month period result in obvious new collagen in the skin. The most recently published study showed that wrinkle severity, as measured by patient self-evaluation, was reduced in all patients treated with no significant side effects.

The innovation works best for people in their early 30’s to mid 70s and is an excellent alternative for individuals who want improvement, but do not want surgery or downtime. Interestingly, the older patient will receive quicker results because their skin is already thinner and if the laser causes a minute amount of thickening it is readily noticeable.

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