We have Voluma XC, which is probably our most popular filler because it lasts two years.  I like it because it doesn’t cause a lot of swelling.  It, basically, is what it is and lasts a long time.  You don’t have to worry about walking out the door and, two weeks later, coming back twice as big.  It’s ideally suited for cheeks and that’s been the new augmentation for this this year is filling the cheeks back up to where they were when you were younger.  You can almost instantly get a look that’s five years younger than what you really are with just one treatment of Voluma.  We use several different fillers here.  Being an Expert Injector, I decide which filler is ideally suited for each area based on the thickness of the filler, its viscosity, how well it spreads as well as its ability to attract water.  There’s all sorts of considerations that go into what filler goes where, which I, personally, cater to the person in front of me.

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